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   The Thai Mookambika temple in Polur is situated in Tiruvannamalai District of Tamilnadu. It is 33 Kms north of Tiruvannamalai and 50 Kms South of Vellore. Tiruvannamalai is one of the five “Pancha Bootha sthalas” representing the “FIRE”. Sri Arunachalalewarar temple which is one of the biggest and ancient temples of South India is located here. Adjacent to the temple, the big mountain called “Annamalai” is situated. In full moon nights, lakhs of people walk round this 14 kms circle of the mountain to get the blessings of Lord Siva. Sri Ramanaashram where the holy saint ‘Sree Ramana” lived is situated in this town.

About 40 Kms on the Western Side of Polur, the famous Mountain “Jawathu Hills” is situated. The small village of Jamunamarathur at the top of the hill is a tourist spot. About 30 Kms North of Polur, the famous temple for “Goddess Renugambal’ is situated in a small village “Padavedu” On the North Eastern side about 20 Kms away from Polur, a temple for “Lord Saturn”, (saneeswaran) is situated in a tiny village called “Erikuppam”. On 7 feet flat stone of “Lord Saturn”, some unique symbols are found embedded. In one of their articles, the scientists of NASA of United States have stated that similar symbols are noticed by them in the Milky Way far off in the sky.

About 50 Kms North of Polur the world famous Christian Medical College Hospital is situated in Vellore City. The famous Golden Temple of Sri Narayani is also situated at the entrance of Vellore city.

In the eastern side of the temple is the famous Sri Periyanayagi Amman temple in Devikapuram which is 11 kms from here. The famous Jain temple 1100 years old of Sri Aadinath bhagwan sri Arihanthagiri temple is just 10 kms from here in Tirumalai.